Psalm 50


The Mighty One, the Lord, has come into the court
A raging fire, tumultuous storm escorts Him to the bench
“Come forth, all ye from west to east, the heavens and the earth,”
The righteous Judge begins to speak, the heav’ns declare His worth.

“Against My chosen race I first must testify
Whose offerings of bulls and goats are not the reason why
I do not need these animals, I own each bird and beast
The cattle on a thousand hills if I should want a feast.

“The sacrifice I want is that of thanksgiving
I’d far prefer you keep your vows and call on Me for help
If from your inmost heart and soul you truly honor Me
Then in your time of desp’rate need I will deliver thee.”

And now the wicked ones He calls before the bar
“What right have you to quote My laws or claim My covenant?
You hate correction, spurn My words, join ranks with lying thieves
You join in with adulterers, your lips love to deceive.

“Even your natural bonds mean nothing to you now
You slander brothers, mock your kin, for this I now indict
Mark this, then, you who forget Me, lest I tear you apart
You thought that I was just like you but from My ways depart.

“So hear My verdict now all peoples of the earth
I’m glorified by those who bring a sacrifice of thanks
And those who walk in what is right I promise to redeem
I demonstrate My pow’r to save to all who Me esteem.”

© 2014 J Dan Small

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