Psalm 42

Just as the deer in times of drought pants for a stream or creek
So my soul longs and thirsts for You and for Your face I seek.

When can I go and stand before the living God I’ve known?
To once again feel close to Him is why my spirit groans.

Both day and night, tears are my food, while enemies do taunt
“Where is this God you claim is yours, the One you say you want?”

There was a time when I would lead the worshippers in song
A great procession, thankful crowd, rejoicing with the throng.

Why should I let depression rule or soak my bed with tears?
I’ll place my hope in God again, give Him my doubts and fears.

So now when deep depression hits I simply call to mind
The God who runs the universe, keeps all the stars aligned.

When waves of sadness o’er me sweep and my soul churns within
I’ll call out to my loving God and turn my thoughts to Him.

For every day His love He pours into my needy heart
And all night long I’ll sing His songs, my praise to Him impart.

“O God my Rock,” to You I cry. “Have You forgotten me?”
Why must I wander in my grief, oppressed by enemies?

Each time I hear their scoffing quest, “Where is this God you’ve known?”
It wounds my spirit, hurts my soul, like breaking of my bones.

But once again I reprimand my aching, troubled soul
Hope yet in God, praises will flow, your life He will make whole.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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