Psalm 32

How thrilled and blessed are the ones
whose rebel sins are gone
How thrilled and blessed are the ones
no guilt, no guile, no dread.

But, oh the groaning of the ones
who cover up their sins
The hand of God is laid on them
and weakness is their lot.

I quickly saw my wretched state
and pulled the curtain back
I gave the ugly mess to God
and He forgave it all.

Because You are so gracious, Lord
we gladly come in prayer
Those who delay in seeking You
may find that it’s too late.

My hiding place, my fortress strong
I’m safe from all my foes
My life is now a constant song
declaring that You save.

“I want to be your teacher, guide”
is what I hear You say
“Just keep your eyes on Me each day
I’ll guide you with My eye.”

Do not be like the horse or mule
who seem to lack good sense
Unless you force them with the bit
they run from you, their friend.

The wicked find that life is hard
and lonely is their path
But all who trust the Lord will be
surrounded by His love.

So now be glad you’re in the Lord
and shout the joyful news
That, “Truly blessed is the one
who lives his life with God.”

© 2014 J Dan Smal

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