Psalm 28

O Lord my ROCK, I call to You
   Do not be deaf to me
If You don’t heed my desp’rate plea
   Then, Lord, what will I do?

Down to the pit I’ll surely fly
   I lift my hands and face
Up to Your high and holy place
  Please help me lest I die.

Don’t drag my soul away with those
   Who love iniquity
Who act toward others amiably
   But in their hearts oppose.

Reward the evil plans they make
   Repay their wicked deed
For all their schemes and selfish greed
   In justice, vengeance take.

Because they don’t Your works regard
   The things Your hands have made
Their wickedness will be repaid
   Their lives You will discard.

Blessed be the Lord Who heard my voice
   And answered my appeal
He is my strength, my help, my shield
   And makes my heart rejoice.

Because I trusted He came through
   I thank Him with my song
For those who now to Him belong
   He is a Savior true.

So rescue now Your chosen ones
   Bless Your inheritance
Now as our Shepherd take Your stance
   In Your arms hold Your sons.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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