Psalm 25

O Lord, I lift my soul to You
    In You, O God, I trust
Let not my enemies succeed
    Nor let me be ashamed.

Indeed, none of the ones who wait
    On You will be ashamed
But any who deal treach’rously
    Will surely be disgraced.

Make me to know Your ways, O Lord
   Help me to learn Your paths
Teach me and lead me in Your truth
    For You I wait all day.

You are the God who rescues me
    I ask You to recall
Your tender mercies and Your love
    For they are from of old.

Remember not my youthful sins
    Nor all my rebel ways
According to Your mercies, Lord
    Your goodness now recall.

Because the Lord is good and right
    The sinner He instructs
The meek He guides toward justice and
    The humble learn His way.

For those who keep His covenant
    His paths are love and truth
Pardon my sin for it is great
    For Your name’s sake, O Lord.

Who is the man that fears the Lord?
    Show him which path to choose
His soul will prosper and his kin
    Dwell long upon the earth.

The Lord confides His secrets to
    The ones who fear His name
His covenant to them He shows
    That’s why I look to Him.

My eyes are ever on the Lord
    From traps He sets me free
Now turn Your eyes toward me, O Lord
    In mercy see my grief.

The troubles of my heart have grown
    I’m lonely and oppressed
Look on my troubles and my pain
    Deliver from distress.

Forgive my sins, protect my soul
    My enemies increase
With cruel hatred they attack
    Please rescue, O my God.

For You I wait, in You I trust
    Let me not be ashamed
Let truth and righteousness prevail
    Your people, God, redeem!

© 2014 J Dan Small

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