Psalm 22 (Part 1)

Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachtani
My groaning cry it seems You will not heed
My God, My God, You have forsaken me
So far from helping in my hour of need
All day, O God, I cry and You don’t hear
And all night long to You alone I plead.

You alone are holy
Enthroned upon our praises
Trusted by our fathers
And You delivered them
They trusted, Lord, their prayers were not denied
You rescued them, You heard their desp’rate cry

But look at me, less than a worm am I
Despised by men, they sneer and spit and say,
“He trusts in God, let Him deliver him
“If God does care He’ll rescue him today.”

But You did bring me forth
From my own mother’s womb
I’ve trusted You since then
Relied on You from birth
You’ve been my God right from my mother’s womb
Oh, be not far from my distress and gloom.

Strong bulls with horns are circling ’round me
Like hungry lions they threaten to devour
My life’s poured out, my bones are out of joint
My heart, like wax, is melted in this hour
My strength is gone, my tongue cleaves to my jaw
The dogs surround me and my soul does cower.

You lay my soul down in the dust of death
As evil men encompass me around
My hands and feet they pierced with cruel nails
They look and stare, their insults do abound
Stripped and naked I can count all my bones
They cast lots for the garments they have found.

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