Psalm 12

Help, O Lord, what can we do?
The godly are all gone
The faithful can no more be found
Among the sons of men.

Instead, the lying hordes abound
With double tongues and hearts
Cut off their flatt’ring lips, O Lord
Their tongues that boast so loud.

“With our own tongues we will prevail
“Our words make us supreme
“Who’s lord o’er us? They mock and taunt
“We’ll have it our own way.”

But watch out now, here comes the Lord
He heard the needy pleas
He sees the oppression of the poor
And will for them arise.

You yearn for safety and relief
I’m coming, says the Lord
And you can count on what I say
Yes, trust My every word.

Like silver in a furnace tried
And tested seven times
My promises to you are true
They’re pure and must endure

When vileness on earth is praised
The wicked proudly strut
But from this generation, Lord
Protect us evermore.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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