Psalm 7

Psalm 7*

O Lord, my God, in You I take my refuge
Save me from those who want to take my life
Deliver now or like a lion, they’ll maul me
And I will die, their victim in this strife

O Lord, my God, do I deserve this trouble?
Have I done wrong to one who was my friend?
If I have sinned, then let them overtake me
Trample me down. my life bring to an end

Arise, O Lord, stand up against their rage
Rise up and judge, rise up and judge
Arise, O Lord stand up against their rage
Rise up and judge, rise up and judge

O Righteous Judge, You gather all the nations
You rule on high and render justice there
Defend my cause, my innocence reward now
But to the wicked, judgment now declare

The Lord is just, He tests the minds and hearts
He is a shield to all who walk upright
He does hate sin and will destroy in anger
All who rebel. Against them He will fight

The evil ones conceive, give birth to trouble
They set their traps, but fall in them in shame
O Lord Most High, because you always do right
I will sing praise and glorify Your Name.
© 2014 J Dan Small

*This Psalm is written to the meter of “How Great Thou Art”

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