Happy Valentine!

For the past 20 or more years we’ve made Valentine’s Day our family “gift-exchange” celebration (instead of doing it at Christmas).  We haven’t always been able to do it on the 14th but it’s been a fun tradition.

As it turns out, this year I get to plan a romantic Valentine’s escape just with my bride of 37+ years!!  And not just anywhere!  We’re going to New York City.  And the Metropolitan Opera.

I haven’t been the greatest Romeo so I’m really thankful I get this chance to “make up” for years of neglect!!

Yes, I’m scheduled for a pre-exam with the doctor who heads up the clinical trial on Tuesday, Feb 11.  If all goes well I’ll be having a thorough exam (biopsy, ekg, bloodwork, etc) on the 13th.  If all goes well with that, I’ll be a Panobinostat guinea pig hoping to prove that this new medication CURES primary myelofibrosis.

Meanwhile, I’m so grateful to be free of pain in the spleen.  I have had to start a new series of antibiotic for a cough that borders on pneumonia.  I’m also able to get in some computer work and administrative support at the Refuge!!  What a change!

Enjoying LIFE!

J. Dan

One Comment

  1. What a fantastic way to celebrate your improving health!! I’m so happy you two get this special time together and will continue to pray that God continues to bless you with improved health and renewed strength.

    Blessings to your family, Susan


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