Every word You give me is a miracle word.

“How can I help but obey?” Psalm 119:129

When you treat Scripture as living “miracle words” it speaks volumes!

It is January 2, 2014 in this part of the world and time for another update on my health even though I may have to send out another in a few days.

In the days leading up to Christmas I experienced unprecedented pain in my spleen which, at times, couldn’t be covered with pain meds.  That led me to stopping all my meds to see if they were complicating my symptoms.  Whether coincidence or not, the next day my spleen pain ended completely (and has not returned since Dec 18).

That was good news to me –I had despaired of life more than once in the throes of that pain.  However, the days following provided a different challenge –nausea.  I couldn’t eat and proceeded to lose nearly ten pounds in 5 days.  By Sunday (22nd) I was extremely weak and had developed a fever.  That afternoon we went to ER.

We learned several things: 1. Without any meds my white cell count had climbed to 265,000 (normal is 3-11,000) so I was put back on one med for that.  2. Chest x-rays revealed that the spleen had expanded behind the lung and collapsed ½ of it so I’m breathing with ½ capacity.  3. Fluid in that lung might be early signs of pneumonia so they prescribed an antibiotic.

I was released in time for us to scurry up to the airport to pick up Keren and Moriah.  The two weeks since have flown by with the joyful chaos of family coming together (at one time 19 of us at the table) as well as visits from most of my siblings and some friends.

On New Year’s Eve I did get an email from Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC asking if I planned to be part of the February clinical study group.  I responded with a brief summary of my recent health challenges and the lead doctor responded with serious concerns about the developments.  He has asked me to send the lab work from the ER trip and call him tomorrow.  He is not sure that I am now in good enough health to qualify for the program.  So, we’ll see what the Lord has in mind.

I am reminded that I have outlived the initial 3-mo. prognosis, that every day is a gift, and that opportunities to affirm, bless and encourage won’t last forever so I should be diligent to make the most of conversations.

Only the Lord knows how much your prayers have carried me through.  I am humbled by how many care about this journey and I’m sure you always include Rebecca in your prayers as these long days and steady demands of hospitality take their toll.

Psalm 90:12  “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”


  1. I’m still praying for you all. I know God can heal; I also know that often His timetable seems “too late” or “too early” to me, though I realize later, it was perfectly timed. I also know that God sometimes uses the calling to heaven of His blessed ones for initially unknown reasons. The BEST we can do is to be faithful to His call on us, to pray, and to trust in His infinite wisdom, as I know you all do. I send my love, prayers, hugs, and tears; give Rebecca & your children my best. I’m so glad you had your reunion!

    Love in Him,


  2. Dan….God be with you. Sending up prayers for your well being from South Florida..

    ‘When we walk with the Lord,
    In the light of his word,
    What a glory he shares on the way.
    If we do His good will,
    He abides with us still,
    And with all who will trust and obey.’

    Remember this? Your Dad taught this to me years & years ago! I’m sure he and your Mom
    are praying for you today as well.




  3. Dear Dan and Rebecca, we feel blessed to have been given the chance to meet and get to know, at least a little bit, your family. We pray for you all that the peace that passes understanding will rule in your hearts. How awesome to remember that our mighty God never makes mistakes or forgets us, but has held us in the palm of His hand for His purposes in our lives. Thank you for reminding us all to seek Christ and live each day for His glory. We do pray for you all and are so thankful our Lord made our paths cross this past summer.


  4. I love you, Dad. Am so proud of your trust in God’s providence and what an incredible example that is to me and Moriah! Thank you!


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