Hope Deferred . . .

I’ve got good news and . . .

The good news is we’ve made steady progress in our trek across America.  It’s Thursday and we’re visiting our daughter in Fremont, NE.  It meant a couple of lo-o-o-o-ng days to do it, but here we are -and the “Dream Machine” (our newish van) is living up to its name!  It’s been great!

The bad news is that Rebecca has been dealing with alternating fever, debilitating cough, and sore throat that won’t let up.  We’ve tried a variety of remedies, so today we’re trying the old-fashioned one: REST!

Hope deferred refers to a phone call I just got from Mt. Sinai in NYC.  They won’t be ready to do my screening and start me in their study till sometime in the New Year.  So, we won’t be taking a detour to the east as part of this trip.

Tirzah is finishing up her memory work and boning up on the finer theological nuances of Ephesians and 1 John.  Competition begins 1 week from today!

Today or tomorrow we’ll head on over to Brentwood, TN where we’ll be able to stay put for several days.  Thanks, Huffords, for your remote hospitality!  Wish you were there with us!

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