Psalm 119 – פ Pe

BiblePə·lā·’ō·wṯ, so wonderful are Your statutes to me
that’s why my soul gladly with them doth agree.

Pê·ṯaḥ, unfolding Your word is like turning on lights
through them simple-minded gain vital insights.

Panting and thirsting to learn more from You
Your mitzvoth I long for because they are true.

Please turn in great mercy Your face upon me
just as You do unto all who love Thee.

Plant my steps firm in the path of Your word
let sins domination of me be deterred.

Protect me from all the oppression of man
I’ll keep all Your precepts as best as I can.

pā·ne·ḵā, make Your face shine in favor on me
teach me Your statutes, Your laws and decrees.

Plenty of tears I have shed with heartache
for sinners who foolishly Your laws forsake.

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