Psalm 119 – ס Samekh

Hiding-placeSê·‘ă·p̄îm, double-minded, I surely detest
but I love Your law, to its virtues attest.

Since You are my shield and my safe hiding-place
I hope in Your word and its truths I embrace.

Scram!  Take your sick minds and go far, far away
I obey God, from His word will not stray.

Support me, stand by me, Your promise fulfill
do not crush my hopes, let me live if You will.

Sustain me and save me, deliver from death
I’ll ponder Your precepts until my last breath.

Scoundrels and fools, You reject all who stray
deceived in their folly they won’t go Your way.

Si·ḡîm, like dross, wicked You skim off the earth
I love Your just ways, will declare their great worth.

Sā·mar, trembling, shaking my flesh is in fear
Your judgments and rulings I know are severe.

© J Dan  Small

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