Psalm 119 – ן Nun

lampNêr, a lamp to my feet and a light on the way
Your word shows the path so I won’t go astray.

Now swear I an oath and confirm with my word
to keep all the laws from Your mouth I have heard.

Needy, afflicted, with sufferings fraught
revive me, O Lord, with the word You have taught.

Niḏ·ḇō·wṯ, freewill off’rings, O Lord, please receive
and teach me your laws and decrees to believe.

Never will I Your commandments forget
not even when my fragile life faces threats.

Nefarious foes lay their traps in my way
yet from Your good precepts I refuse to stray.

Nā·ḥal·tî, I’ve inherited the laws You impart
forever my treasure, the joy of my heart.

Newly resolved my heart wants to obey
Your rules and Your laws every step of the way.

© J Dan  Small

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