Psalm 119 – ט Teth

TorahTo Your servant, O Lord, You have been so good
just as You promised and said that You would.

Teach me good judgment and all I should know
I trust Your instructions that help me grow.

Too many times I would go astray
now that You’ve chastened, Your word I obey.

Truly, O Lord, You are good through and through
Teach me your statutes and what I should do.

Treacherous, arrogant men slander me
yet all Your precepts I’ll keep faithfully.

Touting their wealth, by possessions misled
I find my pleasure in Your law instead.

Trials and suff’ring for me have been good
they taught me to learn from You all that I should.

Tons of pure silver and gold can’t eclipse
the Torah You’ve taught me, that’s come from Your lips.

© J Dan Small

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