Psalm 119 – ז Zayin

PetitionZə·ḵōr, recall Your word to me
my hope is in Your guarantee.

Zōṯ, this my comfort in my grief
Your word revives and brings relief.

Zê·ḏîm, the proud make fun of me
yet from Your law I will not flee.

Zā·ḵar, recalling statutes of old
is how my soul can be consoled.

Zealous fury grips my heart
‘gainst those who from Your law depart.

Zə·mi·rō·wṯ, songs Your laws inspire
as I sojourn are my attire.

Zā·ḵar·tî, remembering Your name at night
helps me to keep Your law in sight.

Zōṯ, this defines who I’ve become
I keep Your precepts, every one.

It is apparent that the Z sound is much more prevalent in Hebrew than in English, hence the extensive use of Hebrew words to start each verse.  Makes me want to play Scrabble using Hebrew words!

© J Dan Small

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