Psalm 119 – א Aleph

Psalm 119 is unusual in that it consists of 22 8-verse sections. Some Jewish traditions suggest that David wrote this as a way to teach young Solomon his alphabet. This is my attempt to duplicate that effort by having the first letter of every stanza in each section begin with the same letter (Hebrew transliterated). Occasionally I will use the Hebrew word as part of the poetry.

All who walk upright are blessed
to God’s law they acquiesce.

Asreh, Blest, His statutes keep
God, with all their heart they seek.

Always walking in His way
follow Him and never stray.

Axioms that God has made
should, by us, be all obeyed.

Abiding in what You require
is my heart’s supreme desire.

Ashamed my soul would never be
looking at commands from Thee.

A heart that’s pure pours out its praise
as it discerns Your righteous ways.

Avowed to follow Your decree
do not, O Lord, abandon me.

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